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What do SMEs (50+ employees) do about attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining young - typical graduate - employees in their business?


GradStart is an essential business skills development programme aimed at SMEs with 50+ employees who are struggling to recruit and develop top calibre young employees. GradStart is a 10-day classroom-based programme with mentoring support, that is run one day per month and teaches: > Personal management > Interpersonal behaviour > Team working > Problem solving > Communications > Management > Leadership > Industry intelligence > Finance awareness > Customer awareness It provides young employees with an introduction to essential business skills that every employee should know and learn how to apply. It helps young employees to lay down a solid foundation on which to build their career. GradStart is a complete solution. Because of this, our clients do not have to consider recruiting an in-house training team or experience the hassle of sourcing, purchasing and managing multiple business skills courses, reducing costs to the business.


When the young employees arrived on the first day of the 10-day programme, they were nervous and unsure about what they were going to encounter and learn.  One year on - by the time they were 'graduating' from the programme - they had blossomed into confident, highly regarded and valued employees. This is what I have observed in them: * First and foremost, a significant improvement in their self-confidence and ‘finding their voice’ to speak-up and make a more vocal contribution to the business.  They feel more confident to ask better questions and challenge assumptions. * A better understanding of the importance of building good working relationships with colleagues.    This was cited as one of the most important things learned on the programme and then put into practice.  Over time they talked about how difficult work relationships had improved significantly once they applied what they learned about Emotional Intelligence [EQ] which is pervasive throughout the programme. * An appreciation of the bigger picture and strategy that drives business.  They now realise that 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and that running a business is a complex thing with many factors having to be taken into consideration.  Decisions and change can take longer than these young people would desire, but at least they understand why. One young employee said that by attending the commercial awareness and problem solving sessions, they now appreciate the complex and difficult decisions that senior management have to make in the interest of the business.  They realise that this can put senior management under a lot of pressure and stress, and their respect for managers has grown. Yay. They've got it! They feel much more confident about defining what their careers should look like and mapping out a strategy for taking on more responsibility which will lead to future promotions.

Case Studies: 1 to 1 (of 1)
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