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Gary Weinstein

I work with Directors and Managers who are concerned about how to attract, recruit, develop and retain young employees for their company. Because of this my clients attract top calibre young people more easily, and I develop their essential business skills, making them productive employees.


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Training & Development, People & Performance.

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Services, Education.

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United Kingdom

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The Challenge:

What do SMEs (50+ employees) do about attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining young - typical graduate - employees in their business?

The Solution

GradStart is an essential business skills development programme aimed at SMEs with 50+ employees who are struggling to recruit and develop top calibre young employees. GradStart... read more

The Results:

When the young employees arrived on the first day of the 10-day programme, they were nervous and unsure about what they were going to encounter... read more

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Akonia Ltd

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Managing Director


2006 - Present

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Training Management Services

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Essential business skills development for your young employees

At Akonia we are experts at helping companies to develop the essential business skills of their young – typically graduate – employees.

We work with Directors, HR and Training managers who struggle to attract top calibre young people to their company and retain them for the long term. Research shows that 1 in 4 graduate employees is likely to leave their Employer within 1 year and this costs companies a fortune in further recruitment.

Many businesses are put off recruiting graduates altogether because of their lack of experience. They agree that most young people are not ready for the world of work and therefore are concerned how to develop them especially when they don’t have in-house resources to improve the skills potential of their young employees into productive team members.

They would ideally like graduate employees who:

• add value to the business

• who have a good work ethic

• show commitment to getting the job done

• demonstrate good communication skills with colleagues and clients

What separates our service from other training providers is that we are dedicated to developing the potential of young employees with our unique comprehensive graduate-style development programme, known as GradStart.

Because of this, our clients do not have to consider recruiting an in-house training team or experience the hassle of sourcing, purchasing and managing multiple business skills courses, reducing costs to the business.

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22 best practices for attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining grraduate employees

The purpose is to share the best practices learned from large companies and medium-sized businesses who between them employ thousands of apprentices and graduates. It contains 22 best practices that, when acted upon as part of the essential steps for attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining young employees, will make the difference and result in you successfully recruiting and retaining top calibre young people for your company. You’ll be surprised by how many, or concerned by how few, of the 22 best practices your company currently undertake.

GradStart brochure

Essential business skills development for your young employees. Young people with the right skills make great employees. A graduate-style development programme will help you recruit and retain the very best young people.

Enough talking. It's time for action

For years now the headlines have shouted out that young people and graduates are not ready for the world of work. Many of the articles argue that schools, colleges and universities are not doing enough to prepare them. Surveys highlight employer concern about the quality and capability of candidates. If employers are so dissatisfied, then why is it that year after year the same headlines appear? And, why isn’t more being done to address it by our educational institutions? In this article I’ll explain why I believe there is a limit to what our educational institutions can achieve, and why employers need to take immediate action by developing essential business skills in their young employees.


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