Business Transformation (btr) is a group of highly experienced former "C level" professionals who have personally faced and solved business problems that confront your business today. We are :

  • Multi-skilled professionals who have worked in most industry sectors;
  • Used to delivering value by hitting the ground running;
  • With no additional overheads, so the people you work with are the only costs you will incur

Resulting in...

A bespoke solution which delivers real benefits to your business by solving a business critical issue. Client assignments are managed by people with the capability to drive the trajectory of your business towards a better future.

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Goals and Objectives

The Synatus Business Transformation Team’s goal is to assist business leaders change, improve and transform their businesses to achieve their business objectives. The team can :

  • Work closely with your senior executives and change leaders to design change programmes based upon specific business needs.
  • Work with you to develop significant strategic programmes delivering step-change improvements in business performance.
  • Focus on targeted, quick-hit, tactical operational improvements
  • Identify the best levers for getting maximum business improvement
  • Deliver sustainable improvement to operational and financial capability

The Synatus Business transformationTeam comprises a team of consultants and interim managers with wide experience in helping organisations to deliver sustainable operational change.


Problem Analysis

Initially our lead consultants will meet with your business leaders to understand your business challenges plus the key stakeholders in delivering the transformation that you require.

Depending upon the nature of the challenge the Synatus team will use the following sequenced process, to be clear on the best way to help your business move to the desired solution.

  • Review of brief with key business leader(s)
  • Meet management team members to understand detailed requirements
  • Complete status review of current performance KPIs related to objectives
  • Review additional needs/constraints with key stakeholders
  • Determine appropriate implementation model
  • Sign off plan with management and stakeholders

Key to the solution we would propose would be a complete evaluation of the current performance in the areas of relevance to your brief. This could include the following :

  • KPI/dashboard review – depending on data available
  • Performance monitoring and variance analysis
  • Process performance analysis
  • Organisation effectiveness analysis and review


Solution Development

Our Synatus team would use all of the data and performance analysis available from the work completed in the Problem Analysis phase to develop a bespoke solution based upon the specifics of your business. Fortunatley the Synatus team members have seen most business circumstances before in their careers and will understand the best way to help your business move forward based upon that experience.

Key steps within the development process would be as follows :

  • Understand and clarify the business issue
  • Definition of solution components
  • Evaluation and presentation of implementation options
  • Identification of Synatus skills and individuals required to deliver optimum solution
  • Proposing and agreeing solution
  • Propose timescale and where necessary prioritisation
  • Agree resources, costs and final KPIs

Critical to any solution is that we agree between us the measurement KPIs for the solution so that it is clear to both your business leaders and stakeholders and our consultants and interims where we need to get to before we start on the journey together.

Solution Implementation

There has never been a more challenging time for businesses in improving business performance whilst simultaneously managing costs.

Using the Synatus Business Transformation Team allows you to focus on business as usual. Our team will deliver a solution to the business critical issue involving your team only to the extent necessary to leave you with a working solution.

To achieve this we follow a five step approach:

  • Mutually agree the plan and outcomes for your business
  • Obtain full business buy in to the agreed solution
  • Implement the change
  • Fully embed solution via training and coaching of your team(s)
  • Obtain feedback on the results

Throughout the implementation journey, the Synatus Business Transformation Team can help manage the behavioural, cultural and structural adjustments required to embed the required changes to ensure the sustainable delivery of the required results

Group Expertise

The Synatus Business Transformation Team consultants are able to provide support to businesses and CEO’s to deliver :

Clarity to their vision via :

  • Strategy Definition and Stakeholder Identification
  • Business Process Design and Re engineering
  • Change Identification
  • Organisational Design
  • Systems Development and new IT Architecture where required

Effective communication strategies via :

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Cultural Analysis and Change
  • Shaping and delivering transformational change
  • Accountability management
  • Communications Management
  • Process Implementation and Integration

Maximise insight for decision making via :

  • Root Cause Performance analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis of Operational Performance
  • Development of Senior Management Dashboards and KPI's
  • Identification and implementation of continuous improvements
  • Merger/Acquisition Integration

Changes in organisation behaviour via :

  • Leadership development, provision of knowledge and tools to deliver high performance
  • Conduct evaluation of personality and behavioural profiles of staff
  • Define behavioural competances for key roles and match to current capabilities
  • Identify behaviour associated with high performers
  • Help teams work more effectively
  • Support selection and succession planning



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