In these uncertain times, pressure from stakeholders is increasing.  For businesses that are ‘off-plan’, financially stretched or facing critical issues these pressures often include triggers leading to additional burdens.  Our experienced turnaround practitioners are able to help companies to stabilise their finances and operations during these critical periods.  By working closely with the senior management team and leading them through the process to identify, plan, implement and monitor, a robust solution can be applied to restore value in businesses struggling to remain viable and competitive.

We are usually appointed as the Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) where the role is to support the Board by taking the work load of the turnaround and increasing the stakeholders’ confidence that there will be positive change. 

If you are concerned about your company’s performance, have been placed in the bank’s specialist support unit or do not know how to pay the next VAT return, then speak to a member of the Practice Group to understand the options available and how we may be able to assist.  In these situations, waiting never helps and the sooner we are able to speak the more options will be available.

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