Risk and compliance are core functions for any organisation or business. Investors rightly demand excellence in risk management. Balancing risk is necessary to maximise shareholder value and for effective management for profitability and returns.  If a company is not managing risk for its shareholders, it is worth asking, what is it managing?

Identifying, comprehending and managing risks both the up side the down side, are fundamental to business performance. Risks can arise from an infinite variety of sources. Product failure, corporate malfeasance, and being targeted by activists or disgruntled customers are just a few. Risks to performance arise both inside and outside the core business.  An objective view of using an enterprise approach could identify those areas where the preservation or enhancement of corporate value could be improved in a cost effective manner.

Globalisation has brought with it more opportunities for sales and funding, but also unexpected hazards to supplying those new markets; increased and complex legislation and standards to meet. Or more simply put, more red tape!  The old check list approach is no longer sufficient to the task, and deep levels of understanding are a pre-requisite for a compliance manager.

At Synatus, we are high-calibre risk and compliance consultants and interims with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds; bringing an holistic approach to your risk and compliance challenges. We understand how important these functions are to your organisation’s objectives, since we have been there.

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