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What is interim management?

Interim management is the rapid, hands-on, resolution of business problems by highly experienced senior executives who are hired on a short-term basis. Interim managers are experienced and high-powered senior executives who support their client's business by providing focused expertise to meet agreed objectives.

Why should I use an interim manager?

Organisations typically choose interim managers either for 'special' projects, or to fill critical short-term management gaps. An interim executive can address an immediate issue facing an organisation's leaders by bringing the following solutions:

  • Speed: An interim can generally start in days, with minimum recruitment and termination formalities.
  • Flexibility: An interim can help for a few days or several months – and the client only pays for days actually worked.
  • Experience: Interims are top experts in their fields and deliver results consistently and quickly.
  • Independence: Interim executives do not 'do' office politics; if something is wrong with the business, they will say so – and work with the client to fix it.
  • Knowledge: An interim will transfer their skills, contacts and experience to your team, which will remain long after they have left.
  • Cost: A highly cost-effective solution to modern business needs.

Why should I use a Synatus interim?

Synatus offers you instant access to a comprehensive database of outstanding and experienced interim managers.

Our interim management executives have all been rigorously vetted, which enables us to respond to your executive placement needs quickly, and to ensure the best possible match in terms of corporate culture and business need.

Unlike almost every other provider of interim services, Synatus does NOT charge you any additional fees. You negotiate the day rate with the interim executive directly — saving you a minimum of 15% and more usually 20 - 30% on top of the agreed day rate charged by traditional interim providers.
It is also worth noting that Synatus interims will have completed at least three assignments, and usually many more. All Synatus interims are VAT registered, have Professional Indemnity Insurance and operate through their own Limited Companies. And finally all Synatus interims will provide you with a contract.

What should I include in my briefing document?

Synatus Interim has a number of possible candidates for each assignment, so to help you receive the best possible service, please consider the following:

  • The nature of the need: Are you looking for an interim executive for a special project, as a 'stop gap' (e.g. for a maternity or other senior staff vacancy), for team building coaching – or for all of these?
  • What are the top objectives and anticipated challenges - and how will success be measured?
  • Is there something you have always wanted to do? Part of the added value an interim executive brings is that they can facilitate corporate change over and above delivering 'business as usual' – even if filling a short term need is the main reason for the hire.

Do you require sector or product knowledge or – as is often the case - will different sector experience bring valuable fresh thinking and new approaches?

We will also need to know:

  • The background of the business, function or project
  • The location and likely start/end dates of the project
  • An indication of the reporting structure and a draft summary of the interim's assignment
  • What you see as the core competencies, essential personal strengths and qualities the interim should have.

How much will my interim executive cost?

Interim rates vary enormously depending on the role, seniority, duration and location. Rates range from £600 to £2,500 per day plus VAT and expenses. With Synatus, each role is negotiated directly with the interim executive and remember, there is no Interim Agency uplift, which is usually anywhere between 15 and 35% on top of the day rate.

It is also worth remembering that you do not pay NI, holiday pay, sickness, car or car allowance, bonus or incentives and pension contributions.

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Synatus offers you access to a database of outstanding and experienced interims who have all been rigorously vetted. We can respond to your executive placement needs effectively, quickly, matching your needs to someone in our network.

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