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The white papers and presentations listed below have been written or co-written by partners in the Synatus group of consultants and interims. Please browse and download any of the thought leadership you find of interest and, if you like what you read, please forward the link to others.



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Five ways to find your hearts desire

How do we find the work we would love to do? In this article, I cover five signs that can give us some clues on our future direction in life. Work is, for most people, most of their 'awake' time. Better make it a good one then...

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Controlling Marketing (ICAEW Best Practice Guide)

Best practice guide for finance directors on controlling marketing expenditure. Written for ICAEW

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Market Prioritisation

Provides an overview of practical market prioritisation and targeting as used on many client assignments

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Four principles for ethical power

Personal power is more important than ever in work. Yet many of us shy away from power, associating both the word and the practice with bad things. This article puts up the idea of ethical power, and outlines four key principles that will help us to become ethically powerful people.

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Discover your career path

Much of the career coaching, transition and outplacement industry places a focus on finding the next job. However, this approach, built on my career change coaching practice, starts from the other end. By doing some diagnosis, we can gain some pointers to the kind of work we would love to do.

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Finance and Marketing - working together

Written for Financial Management magazine.

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How big should you be?

Written for Critical Eye, an article on "rightsizing" the business - not too small but not too big either.

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Portfolio Management Strategy

S strategy for effective portfolio management

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