Sustainability is the management of an organisation's impacts on it's stakeholders and society for sustainable mutual benefit. It is about being fair, consistent and open in all dealings, caring for the workforce and the environment, meeting your supply chain obligations, and adopting an inclusive approach to the community.

Sustainability focuses on long term shareholder value rather than short term results.It is about understanding and managing the broader implications of your business activities and taking responsibility for them. Sustainability has been reporting driven and often reactive, our focus is on a clear strategy with defined objectives that are delivered effectively through a structured management system with key performance indicators and clear responsibilities, embedded into working practices.

Whether you call it CSR, CR or Sustainability, it’s about taking responsibility for all your business impacts, building trust and reputation and adding value to your business.

It’s not technical and it’s not difficult to do, but it does cover a wide range of activities and disciplines, some of which you will already be doing. But it does need clear thinking to bring it all together and ensure that the business has a coherent strategy to provide the substantial benefits that the best companies are achieving.

‘We are already finding that tackling Sustainability (CSR) challenges provides new opportunities for sustainable growth: it creates preference for our brands, builds business with our retail customers, drives innovation, grows our markets and, in many cases, generates cost savings.’ Paul Polman, CEO Unilever

We place aspects of Sustainability into defined categories and you will be able to find the specific service you might require by going to Specialisms on the menu bar and clicking on the category you wish to view.

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