Everyone from Alexander the Great to the Harvard Business School understands that strategy is at the heart of organisational leadership.

The word comes from the Greek stategos meaning a general, and it refers to the broad direction of an organisation. Properly formulated, strategy defines your goals and the outline of how to reach them. It shouldn’t be confused with tactics, which are on the micro-scale. A good strategy allows managers the space to use their creativity and lets them react to changing circumstances. Strategy empowers managers to take the tactical decisions which will deliver organisational goals.

Good strategy is about leadership. It is about the generals understanding that they can only deliver organisational objectives if everyone in the organisation owns the strategy. At every level people need to know the organisation’s direction, and its plan for reaching its goals. Most importantly, people need to understand how their role in the organisation contributes to the wider goals. So a good strategy has to be comprehensible.

Like a general, the organisational leader needs to see the whole field of operations. He or she needs to foster a climate of trust so that people understand their decisions are important to the organisation as a whole.

Our aim is to help organisations both set and implement their strategies. Our consultants and interim managers can work at the very top of an organisation, but also manage implementation teams. At any level, our people are leaders, with the ability to set goals and then inspire and lead teams to deliver on them.

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