“Third Sector” is a much used and much misunderstood term.  It lacks a universally accepted definition and the sector has rather fuzzy edges.  So what do we mean by the third sector?  At its simplest it encompasses any organisation that is neither public sector nor private sector.  It includes voluntary and community organisations (including registered charities, associations, self-help groups and community groups), social enterprises, mutuals and co-operatives.  All these types of organisations have three distinguishing qualities:

  • they are independent of government;
  • they are “value-driven” – motivated to achieve social aims; and
  • they reinvest surpluses in pursuit of these social aims.

Many of the needs of Third Sector organisations are similar to those of private or public sector organisations, although sometimes the terminology used is different and some disciplines (such as fundraising) are particular to the sector.  What distinguishes the members of the Third Sector Practice Group is that we have extensive experience of working in or with Third Sector organisations.  We understand the challenges facing them and their distinctive and varied cultures.  We know that the sector is diverse, in many ways this is its strength.  Through our own experience and the wider Synatus group we can bring detailed understanding of public and private sector practice to bear in developing innovative solutions for Third Sector clients.

Our goal is to help your Third Sector organisation maximise its potential and realise its social aims to make a positive difference for the society in which we all live.

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